Faith Formation


Monday-Thursday: 9:00am-5:30pm

Closed Fridays & civic holidays

Telephone: 508-278-3777

Whole Parish Faith Formation is an approach to religious education through which children, teenagers, and adults grow in their understanding of the Catholic faith through periodic gatherings throughout the year.

Through Faith Formation, parents play a vital role alongside other members of the community. Catechesis is not just for children! Every Catholic is invited to walk with Christ in his or her daily life, to learn to love the richness of our Catholic tradition, to cultivate a life of prayer, and to grow in the virtues of compassion and mercy.

Faith Formation is grounded in the belief that we all have stories of how our faith has enriched our lives; stories to share and to help one another. Through our gatherings, children learn from older persons, and elders learn from our young people as well.

Added to that, Faith Formation places great emphasis on developing households of faith. It’s certainly true for a child but it’s also true for everyone, that no matter how effective our experience of the faith might be at the parish, what really counts is how we live that faith in our every day lives at home. "If our homes are not places where the faith is shared and lived, then the work of catechesis is like sowing seed on rocky ground."

For More information about
Faith Formation, sacramental preparation for First Communion,
Confirmation, and programs for children with special needs, contact:

Annette Gion, Faith Formation Director
Donna Featherstone, Faith Formation Secretary

Faith Formation Schedules are here.